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Professional Carpet Care and Cleaning Services

While professional carpet care is not inexpensive, consider the substantial investment you have in your carpet. An average home has thousands of dollars worth of carpet and proper maintenance will extend the life of the carpet for years, avoiding the high cost of premature replacement.

Clean for health. Regularly cleaned carpet contributes positively to the quality of the air in your home by filtering out and capturing harmful particles that would otherwise be floating around the air for you and your family to breathe in. Healthy carpets help create healthy home environments.

Make sure you use a cleaning system that is compatible with the type of carpeting you have. Some natural fibers such as wools and cottons should not get very wet due to shrinkage and possible discoloring during long drying periods.

Choose a reliable company by using references from friends and family, a list of satisfied clients or businesses that use the company's carpet cleaning services, or recommendations from the local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.

Beware of additional carpet service charges or surcharges for fuel, disposal of waste, environmental fees, use of spotting solutions, or any other hidden or surprise charges. Prices quoted prior to the start of the job should be inclusive of all these costs.

Beware of the lowest quote, cheap per room rates, or huge discount offers. These may be warning signs that the company may not be entirely "above board". There are, unfortunately, many carpet cleaners operating with less than ethical business practices.

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, look for one that:

  • Uses the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) or Steam Cleaning Method.
  • Offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Values Your Time.
  • Enables Quick Drying Times.
  • Offers No Hidden Charges.
  • Offers Excellent Customer Service.
  • You Will Feel Comfortable About Recommending to Your Family and Friends.

We Offer 2 Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction (BEST)

Recommended by most carpet mills. Carpet is treated with an alkaline pre-spray, worked into the fibers with a grooming rake, then given a few minutes for the enzyme to do its job ... release the soil. While this is going on we vacuum along the base board. The released soil is then extracted with a super heated “clear water rinse” ... no chemicals. We then do a final grooming with a brush to eliminate marks from the cleaning wand and make sure the fibers are all laying in the same direction. That is our basic cleaning. Most everyone will usually vacuum the carpet before we arrive, but we provide that service when needed, as well as 3M Scotchgard protector.

Bonnet Cleaning

A low moisture system using a floor machine and a buffer pad. Not as thorough a cleaning as with our HWE truck mount but an excellent surface cleaning, when quick drying is a necessity

Why is Truck Mounted HWE the Right Choice?

Recommended by Manufacturers

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend HWE hot water extraction as the most effective way to clean their carpets. And for some types of carpet, hot water extraction is the only safe method. Unless you're sure that your carpet will not be damaged by alternate methods, opt for hot water extraction - better safe than sorry!

Environmentally Friendly

When performed using natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions, hot water extraction can be an eco-friendly approach to carpet service. Many alternative cleaning methods rely on harsh chemicals that can pose health risks for people and pets. Thanks to the power of super-heated water, gentler solutions are sufficient to produce a satisfactory result.

Deep Clean Carpet Service

Hot water extraction offers a much deeper cleansing than shampooing and dry cleaning, which only provides a surface clean. Hot water extraction is also much more effective at removing stains and odors than surface cleaners.

Less Residue, Better Result

Other carpet service cleaning methods that involve the use of shampoo, a dry cleaning solution or powder can leave behind large amounts of residue. When performed properly, hot water extraction leaves your carpets virtually residue-free.

Upholstery Cleaning

We will test any fabrics that might result in color bleeding before attempting to clean with water. Protecting your investment is our priority. Depending on the fabric and the soiling condition, we pre-treat with either a “dry foam shampoo” or a pre-spray similar to what we use on carpet. The hot water extraction system will then remove the released soil. 3M Scotchgard protector is also available.

Carpet Sales

We’ll bring samples to your home or business. If you see a carpet you like elsewhere let us know as we have access to most carpet mills. Unlike some retail stores that may push what they carry in the store and, for fear of competition, sell only “price”, our position has always been to help educate our clients so they can make an informed intelligent decision. We have no allegiance to any carpet mill or any product – only to our client!

Carpet Installation

Even if you purchased your carpet elsewhere - we’ll install it. All work performed in accordance with the Carpet and Rug Institute “Carpet Installation Standard” (CRI 104 & 105). The practice of some installers has been to take short cuts and go to the next job. Not here at AJAX. We’ll never compromise quality and our work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Carpet Re-Stretching & Repairs

This is our favorite. While every carpet installer is required to guarantee their work for 1 year, I have heard horror stories from customers who said the installer would not respond when a problem arose. Also, a wrinkle or seam problem might have occurred after the obligatory 1 year period. Or perhaps Fido may have been left in a closed room and tried to crawl under the door, shredding the carpet in the process. When problems like these, as well as other problems, do arise many consumers become frustrated because it’s very difficult to find a carpet installer who wants to bother with these “little jobs.” Here at Ajax -- “No job is too small if it’s important to you.”

WE ALSO FIX SQUEAKY FLOORS – Don’t call a carpenter who might ruin your carpet to get at the squeaks. Just call us instead and we’ll take care of the whole job in one day. On top of that we’ll clean the carpet at the same time. Three jobs in one – Fix the floor, Re-install the carpet, Clean the carpet. How’s that for customer convenience? I call it the Ajax Hat Trick. We love problem solving and, oh yes, we’re very good at it too. Repairs are our favorite service because it is gratifying to see a relieved customer knowing their problem has been solved, not to mention saving them money!

Odor Control

Malodors can be present from many sources; some unknown. We have been able to solve those issues. But in most homes it is the result of pet accidents. Our 3-step process can solve the problem in most cases. However, sometimes it is a deeper problem that requires removal of carpet and/or pad and sealing the floor, whether wood or concrete. We will do that and also counsel you on how you can perform some tasks to save money.

"We’re the One You'll Recommend!"

Dennis Mamelson

Ajax Carpet Service

 Call 219-933-1019 for Free Telephone Consulting or Click Here to Request Your Free Evaluation

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