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Carpet Cleaning Northwest Indiana

April 21, 2023

What You Should Look for in a Carpet Cleaner

The first thing you should ‘look’ for is something you cannot see. Assuming you have not been referred to a company by a relative or friend who was very pleased with their work and sang the cleaners praises, you will have an initial reaction to the person who might spend a couple hours in your home, or office. Let’s call this your Initial Impression.

Unless you were introduced in person, which is the best way, you will make a phone call to the company. How did they answer the phone? Did they just answer with Hello or Good Morning, ABC Carpet Cleaning (just a made up name of course). With the former greeting, to be sure, you probably would ask if it is ABC Carpet Cleaning. With the latter, you are off to a good start. And a company who would not answer the phone with a friendly greeting may not be the right company for you anyway.

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The cleaner will surely be taking notes and you, the consumer, should be as well. He will introduce himself, perhaps say he is the owner of ABC, and ask what your name is. Better to start a conversation by knowing who you are speaking to. With that ice broken the initial conversation will continue with how you came to call this company … a Google search? Saw the company truck on your block? Read reviews on the company website? Referred by a relative or friend who used ABC and was very pleased? A top rated carpet cleaner loves those calls and will look forward to doing a great job so the new customer will call their friend and thank them for the referral.

The purpose of the call … Re-stretching and/or cleaning the carpet? Cleaning upholstery? Cleaning rugs? Carpet repairs? Or, perhaps, just looking for some advice? A quality carpet cleaner will be willing to spend time on the phone answering questions, even when the call gets to the point when he realizes that a new job will not be booked at this time. It doesn’t hurt to just HELP someone. If the person on the phone representing the company is not willing to take an interest in your needs, is this really a company you will want to do business with?

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A cleaning job might be booked during the call if it is a small area at their ‘minimum price’. Only with rare exceptions, at the behest of the customer and agreeing to at least a ‘ball park figure’ to be finalized at the home, the cleaner should always go to the customer’s home to measure the areas and discuss the procedure. After all, you surely will want a good feeling about the person who will be working in your home for a few hours.

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